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  • Ahmed Adnan Shehadah

    Recently I’ve been extremely confused in choosing the right laptop for me.
    I’m able to spend enough money to get the macbook retina, but as I researched about it, I found out that it stutters ALOTTT while scrolling in websites, even in PDFs for God’s sake, and is kinda glitchy!
    For me, the experience of using something that is lag-free and can handle multitasking easily ( no photoshop or editing programs, but might install windows 8 on it) and is good for a university student.
    I found out that the new apple MacBook Air and the previous MacBook Pros (non retina) don’t lag, and as u know the MacBook Pro has an HDD, so also I don’t know if that’s good enough.
    I do like the MacBook Pro, but I dunno if it would be better than the new MacBook Air ?!
    This issue had driven me crazy!
    Which laptop do u think best suits me, and is it better to switch to PC?!
    This would be my first Mac and I really need your help here!

    Thanks a lot !!!

  • Samih Kabha

    do you have RUU android 4.2.2 sense5 for htc one x plus?

  • Jose

    Hi, i followed your instruction Video to unlock and root my htc one m7 to install stock android. unfortunatly I did no backup of my origin htc android. Now I tried to install it with ruu file but nothing worked.

    It is possible to reinstall origin htc android version again without backup?

    I have an german htc one m7, bought at O2.

    pls can you help me.

    the reason I want to go back is that I have seen to late that I am not able to install android updates anymore after unlocking and rooting, and installing stock android.

    greetings from Germany

  • Graeme Bonny

    hey saki !! i have a big problem and i think your the only man who can help. i have a rooted and unlocked htc one. its a UK phone. not locked to any network with s-on. hboot 1.54 it shows tampered and unlocked. all i have access to is bootloader/recovery menu (if u need any other technical details just let me know) i was tinkering around with it yesterday and something happened but i dont know what i did. everything on the phone has been erased and i do mean everything.if u reboot it all u get is the white htc splash screen and it stays on that ! pls help !!!

  • Ken

    Hello. Great web site. I would like to retrieve some deleted text messages from my HTC One. Is there an easier way or do I still need to Unlock, Root etc. ? Thank you.

  • Arsh Dagar

    hey man i really need some help. so i installed CM 11 but i didnt like it and when i factory reset my phone my phone wont turn back on and usb debugging is turned off will your video still work?

  • cinval

    Hei sakitech, just dropped by one of your videos about use of OTG when making a Nandroid, and I wonder whether your accent is from Newfoundland, West of England or somewhere close by? :)

  • atakahashi

    Hi sakitech. Amazing tutorial for the HTC ONE M8 OTA…but I get stuck at the last step when flashing the ROM…I always get the error “FAILED (remote: 41 model id check fail)”. I’ve tried to look online, but don’t know what to do now. Please help. Thank you

  • Fayez Alam

    hi skittish

    sorry for bothering
    I’m using samsung since three years
    I just bought new iphone 6s now
    I need your help
    what is that how to transfer data from android to iphone faster like notes, photos, etc

    Thanks for everthing!

  • Sandra Penner Turko

    Hi Sakitech. I need your help. You have a great video on the Samsung s6 but there is something that wasn’t in the video that I have a question about. Why am I always told to trim my videos before I can send then in a text? Even when they are only 20 seconds long. My IPhone never did that. Thank you

  • Godwin

    Hi , I am using Tab S2 9.7 and puchaed a samsung blue tooth keyboad. How do I check spelling while typing emails