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How Convert HTC One M8 Google Play Edition back to Stock Sense

This guide assumes you are S-OFF. It also assumes that you are familiar with terms such as rooting, unlocking the bootloader, TWRP, Nandroid Backup, Custom ROMs, etc. Otherwise you shouldn’t be here.  If you followed my video guide on how to Convert your HTC One Sense M8 to Google Play Edition with OTA updates, you may be wondering if that process is reversible. The answer is yes. However, normally, you can simply use what we call a RUU file, which stands for ROM Update Utility...

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Backup and Restore Text (SMS) Messages between Custom ROM’s

As anyone who switches between custom ROM’s know, every time you install a new custom ROM over your old one, you loose all the data in the old ROM. With media files like music and movies, you can simply back those up to your computer, and then restore them back to your new Custom ROM (Which is usually a simple drag and drop operation). However, you always lose your text messages when switching between custom ROM’s. So, how exactly do you transfer your text (sms) messages to your...

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Nandroid Backup and Restore for Android

What is the best way to Backup and Restore your Android smartphone? Answer: NANDROID Backup.  Nandroid backup allows you to backup your entire android operating system. So, this means, all your text messages, emails, call logs, contacts, pictures, music, videos, apps, and even the app data will be backed up. Nothing will be missed. So, in case anything goes wrong, you can revert your phone back to a previously working condition. So, why doesn’t everyone do Nandroid backups all the time?...

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