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How to Gain S-OFF on your HTC One

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This is a supplemental post for my youtube video on how to gain S-OFF on your HTC One

Required Downloads:

  1. Grab the Universal Rumrunner Tool
  2. Gran the Android SDK Bundle

Required Tasks:

  1. Root and Unlock your HTC One
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your HTC One
  3. Disable “Fast Boot” under “Settings > Battery” on your HTC One
  4. Use a USB 2.0 PORT to connect your HTC One to your PC
  5. Disable any form of LOCK SCREEN Security on your HTC One
  6. Disable Antivirus and Firewall for the duration of the procedure.

What is S-OFF? (in layman terms)

S-OFF means security-off, as opposed to s-on, which stands for security-on. A vast majority of HTC phones ship with S-ON which limits on how deeply you will have control over your HTC smartphone. It restricts access to some “high-risk” areas of your HTC smartphone that even unlocking the bootloader or rooting your device can’t touch. So, basically, gaining S-OFF means you have access to every nook and cranny of your HTC smartphone and maximum customization becomes available. For instance, with S-OFF you can change the splash screen of your HTC One, which is not possible by root.

In any case, you don’t have to worry too much about S-OFF, just remember that if you are into hacking and modding your phone, installing custom ROMs, and such, then it might be a good idea to have S-OFF since some of those tasks will require you to be S-OFF.