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How to get OTA updates on a Rooted HTC One M8

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As you know, part of the process of rooting your HTC One M8 involved installing a custom recovery such as TWRP or ClockWorkMod. We install these custom, feature-rich recoveries to be able to gain root access, create full system backups, etc. However, these very custom recoveries block OTA (over the air) updates because they replace the stock recovery of your phone.

A stock recovery is what came with your phone and it is a low level recovery with no features other than to reset your phone and process OTA updates, which means without a stock recovery you cannot process an OTA update.

So therefore we have to temporarily replace your custom recovery with stock recovery to get the OTA update even while your phone is rooted.

After you run your OTA update, you can re-install the custom recovery to benefit from it’s features.

Required files to download:

  1. Latest fastboot and adb files
  2. Stock recovery
  3. Custom Recovery (TWRP)
  4. Custom Recovery (ClockWorkMod)