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Install FASTBOOT and ADB using Android Studio on Windows

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Google recently changed it’s “Android ADT Bundle” or “Android SDK Tools” to “Android Studio“.

If you are someone that likes to root, unlock, s-off and hack your phone, you are always in need of fastboot and adb files , which are command line utilities that allow you to manipulate your android smartphone using your PC as long as your phone is attached to your PC via a usb cable.

In this post, I’ll show you how to install fastboot and adb using the new “Android Studio” without actually having to download the large 828 MB studio package, which you don’t need.


Go to


Click on “Other Download Options”

other download options


Download “” file. Make sure to get the zip file.

zip file


Extract the download package using a file archiver utility such as 7zip. When extracting, make sure to extract it to it’s own folder.

extract fastboot adb package


Go into the extracted folder until you see the application titled “SDK Manager.exe” and run it.

SDK Manager EXE


Once it launches, choose “Deselect all”.

Android SDK Manager Deselect All

And then under “Tools”, simply select “Android SDK Platform-tools” and click “Install 1 package”.

Android SDK Manager Select Platform Tools

A summary screen will pop-up, which is going to ask you to confirm the packages you choose and it will ask you to accept the license before proceeding. So, accept the license and click “Install”

accept and install

In the same folder from where you launched the “SDK Manager.exe”, you will now see a brand new folder called “platform-tools”.

fastboot and adb within

fastboot and adb will be found within the “platform-tools” folder.

Done 🙂