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Nexus 7 Root

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Enjoy all these Google Nexus 7 Unlocking, Rooting and Custom ROM installation videos. Everything is covered from how to unlock your bootloader, root your Nexus 7, install Custom ROMS on your Nexus 7, install Linux on your Nexus 7, as well as, backup and restore your Nexus 7:

Videos for the New Nexus 7 2013 Edition:

Root and Unlock New Nexus 7 2013 Edition

How to Unroot your Nexus 7 2013 and Relock the Bootloader

Restore your Nexus 7 2013 to Factory Stock ROM

Videos for the Original Nexus 7:

Easily Unlock and Root Your Nexus 7 using Nexus Root Toolkit:

How to Install a Custom Recovery on a Nexus 7

Install Ubuntu Linux on Google Nexus 7

How to Install CyanogenMod 10.1 on the Nexus 7

Reinstall / Restore Stock Android on Nexus 7, Removing Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Ubuntu Touch on your Google Nexus 7, 4, or 10 Tablet

Ubuntu Touch for Tablets Hands-On with the Nexus 7

The basic idea behind going into this whole “hacking” your Nexus 7 is that you must always remember the sequence of what you are doing. Unlocking your bootloader is always the first step. The next step, usually is to install a custom recovery. The final step is to root your Nexus 7. Once you have done those three things, you can now backup your entire android system, install a custom ROM (like Cyanogenmod), and later restore if you don’t like what happens. And of course since you have root access you can also install high-level apps tht require root access on your Nexus 7.

So, as you can see, rooting and unlocking has some great advantages and unlocks new possibilities for your Nexus 7 Tablet, something not quite possible on Apple iOS devices.